Many Mansions

Traditionally prior to Passover, many Jews clear their home from Chametz (leavened foods that are forbidden on Passover).  Some do a “spring cleaning.” Let’s symbolically clean by providing cleaning supplies to others who may not celebrate Passover and are in need. Recently, Many Mansions has said that their residents need cleaning supplies.

Many Mansions provides low-income housing to hundreds of families in Thousand Oaks.  Some individuals living at Many Mansions had formerly experienced homelessness and others have very low incomes, many times, both parents are working multiple jobs.  In addition to housing, the Many Mansions residents are provided with many forms of support – counseling, tutoring and supervision for the children, food and supplies.

There are a few different ways to participate:

  1. Shop and assemble a tower or basket for a family in need and deliver the basket to Many Mansions. (Laundry baskets are $1 at the Dollar Store). Drop off: 1259 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd 805-496-4948
  1. Shop their Amazon Wish List and your donation will be shipped directly to Many Mansions