Havurah (Circle of Friends)

Havurah (Circle of Friends)

Join a Havurah! You will meet people that you didn’t know before and participate in Havurah and temple activities that in the past you didn’t feel comfortable participating in. Getting to know people in a large congregation can be intimidating to some. A Havurah is a special way to become acquainted with others who live nearby and have similar interests.

The Havurah program is a long-standing tradition at TAE.  Havurah is about families and friends together, having fun, and connecting with others who are engaged with TAE and the larger Jewish community. Children, parents, singles of all ages — there’s a perfect Havurah for everyone at TAE to meet new people in your community who share your interests and values.

The TAE membership has many Havurot that continue to remain active for many years. We will work with you and your family to make just the right Havurah fit for you. Typically a Havurah meets on a regular basis, with each member taking a turn at organizing a group activity.

Sometimes the group meets at each other’s homes just to watch a movie together or play board games, or have a wine tasting. Sometimes a Havurah plans activities such as a ball game, the beach, camping, skiing — the possibilities are endless. Sharing a shabbat dinner, or going to a Temple service together: it’s the shared Jewish activities that make the Havurah experience extra special.

Join A Havurah

If you are interested in joining a Havurah or learning more about our Havurah program, please contact Cheryl Landsberg, Havurah chair. After receiving your completed Havurah Interest Form, you will be “matched up” with a Havurah that’s just right for you!