Temple Adat Elohim’s Religious School is dedicated to building connections, developing community, instilling Jewish values, and teaching children how to read and recite Jewish prayers. By engaging students in innovative and meaningful learning experiences, we commit to fostering an environment where each child’s needs are met.

Our community is a warm, inclusive space where connections among students, families, and staff are not only encouraged but also integral to our educational approach. These connections create lasting bonds that extend beyond the classroom, enriching our collective experience and commitment to Jewish values. 



If you have questions, please email Reesa Shaw, Religious School Principal.

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Pre-K/TK Fun-Fest

Unleash the magic of Jewish learning and enroll in this magnificent program!

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K-6th Grade

We open gateways to Jewish intentional living by engaging students in innovative learning.

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7th Grade B’nei Mitzvah

This step on the journey, affirms your teen's connection with the Jewish people and tradition.

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8th and 9th Grades

This year we will be continuing our successful and innovative program developed by our teens!

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10th Grade Confirmation

Discover themes of ethics and contemporary issues from a Jewish perspective.

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Our Madrichim

If you love children and want to make a difference, be a Madrich/a!

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Jewish Camp Scholarships

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