About Our Shabbat Services

Shabbat at Temple Adat Elohim

At TAE we love to create a sense of community through song and prayer! We offer a variety of Shabbat services every Friday evening. Services are followed by an oneg (dessert reception). TAE’s Band of Milk and Honey and TAE Chorale participate on a monthly basis. We offer adult, family, and young children services. All of our services are open to anyone who would like to join us for an enriching and rewarding Shabbat experience.
TAE uses Mishkan T’filah, A Reform Siddur. This text provides a platform to create a unified prayer experience for our congregation while at the same time opening new doors to spiritual growth on both an individual, family, and community level.

Family Service and Birthday Blessings
A truly meaningful Shabbat experience for family members of all ages!

This fun and engaging family service begins and ends earlier so that families with young ones can fully enjoy the service. The service is about an hour and includes lots of music, birthday blessings, and is often led by one of our Religious School classes or TAE community groups.

Shabbat Evening Service
Pray and sing during our warm, relaxed, and “hamish” Shabbat evening services.

Our regular Shabbat evening services are a calming way to end a busy week and reflect upon our lives. Bring your family and friends, engage in prayer, and learn something new. Be sure to stay after the service to indulge in Oneg treats and lively conversation.

Musical Shabbat
Music Shabbat is a truly uplifting evening of worship.

Music is at the core of worship at TAE; and that’s especially true on those Erev Shabbats when Cantor Shukiar, the Band of Milk and Honey, and the TAE Chorale join together to lead the congregation in traditional and innovative prayer. The congregation, as always, is invited to fully participate and celebrate the spirit of this transcendent.

Young Children’s Shabbat Service
The perfect service for your young children!

This Shabbat service is designed for young children. Our littlest ones and their parents experience a short, age appropriate service that includes singing and dancing. This is the perfect way for young children to get acquainted with Jewish traditions! There is a cookie oneg following the service.

Meditation Service

TAE’s lay-led weekly meditation service weaves together meditative traditions from Judaism and elsewhere to deepen our ability to live joyful, meaningful, and wise lives. Practices may include mindfulness, lovingkindness meditation, walking meditation, morning blessings of gratitude, singing of Chassidic niggunim (songs without words), kirtans, and more. You do not need to have a background in meditation to participate. All are welcome.

Shabbat Morning Service/Yom Tov Service

We have a Shabbat service in the sanctuary every Saturday morning and a special Yom Tov service on Jewish holidays. These meaningful services include a Torah reading and a sermon or Torah study. On most Saturday mornings, the service is led by a bar or bat mitzvah. We welcome and encourage the entire TAE community to join us at each of our morning services and celebrate Shabbat and holy days together.

Starlight Shabbat
“Starlight Shabbat is a sensory experience; summer breezes and the scent of trees awakens a spiritual connection for me.”

Our summer services offer a nice change of pace and have become a favorite for many of our congregants. We have a beautiful courtyard that enables our congregation to pray as the sun sets and the stars come out. In recent years it has become customary for us to wear white, recreating the nostalgia many of us remember from summers away at camp!