Local Community

Local Community

Temple Adat Elohim is blessed with a central location in the city of Thousand Oaks, a beautiful, safe community widely recognized as an ideal place to live and work. Located between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara in Ventura County, residents can easily take a mountain hike in the morning, go to the beach in the afternoon and catch live entertainment in the evening. Families relocate here from all over the country to take advantage of outstanding public school systems, mild weather and breath-taking views of the surrounding Santa Monica Mountains.


Where we live is surrounded by gorgeous suburban cities, including our home base of Thousand Oaks. The majority of our members live in these cities.


Where we live is known for it’s impressive school districts and abundance of educational resources. The following is a list of links for nearby school districts.

Outdoor Activities

Where we live there are endless opportunities to experience the beautiful outdoors. Whether it be up in the mountains, down on the beaches, or somewhere in between, there is always something to do with friends and family.


Where we live is filled with many wonderful locations to find delicious options for eating out. These gorgeous shopping centers are fun for the whole family.


Where we live there is a multitude of arts and entertainment choices ranging from live musical theater to broadway performances to concerts and movies.


Where we live we have a plethora of resources to expand our knowledge and awareness of our neighborhoods as well as the world beyond.