Program Council Board Reports

Committee: Program Council/Program Council Champions (PCC)

Liaison to the Board: Peggy C. Frank

Date of last meeting: Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Date of next meeting: Tuesday, Aug. 2, 2022

Action Items Completed: Administrative

  • Calendar Request – Submit to Secure an Event Date
  • TAE Master Calendar
  • TAE Jewish Holiday Calendar
  • Facilities Request Form
  • Budget Form
  • See TAE website: Program Council – Resource Page/Password Protected, “Champion.”

Action Items Completed: Initial Outreach

  • TAE Engage/Small Groups: Eric Chaikin. Re-energizing.
    • Updates to TAE Website, TAE e-News inviting new groups/members
  • Religious Life: Marcy Duben, PCC. Supporting current/Further Developing Jewish Holiday Celebration teams.
  • Sisterhood: President Laura Seasongood, PCC. Outreach—asked for calendar of their annual events. Waiting.
  • Brotherhood: President, Bob Salfi, PCC. Outreach – asked for calendar of their annual events. Waiting.
  • Havurot: Cheryl Landsberg, PCC. Outreach to existing Havurahs to establish (1) still in existence, and (2) if they are, are they taking new members? Outreach to start new Havurahs – from ECC families to singles (married and not married) in age groups 50-60, 70+. Notice in TAE-email. Planning an event (virtual? /in-person) as Meet and Greet.
  • Development: Lynne West, PCC. She will work with Board member Joni Berger. Joni is lead for TAE Development.
  • DE&I: Cyndi Levinson, PCC. Discussed Feb. 2023 Jewish Disabilities Month activities.
  • Adult Education: Susana Rubinstein, PCC. Outreach for activities. Cantor David Shabbat Shira weekend / Scholar-in-Residence Feb. 10-12, 2023, with guest Cantor, Evan Kent, and and Movie, Man on Fire, Joel Fendelman, See below for more details
  • Religious School: Reesa Shaw, PCC. Outreach. “Parade” (see below).
  • Youth Group: Carolyn Cunningham, PCC. Outreach. “Parade” (see below).
  • Social Action: Marcia Gordon/Harold Gordon. Outreach. Going forward Program Council to discuss ways to bring Social Action initiatives into events as part of fabric of our temple’s goals.
  • ECC: Donna Becker, PCC. Outreach.

Action Items In-progress/Pending:

  • Adult Education + Religious Life: Susan Rubinstein + Marcy Duben. Perhaps to work together with Cantor David and Rabbi Diamond for Shabbat/ Shira Scholar-in-Residence weekend. Program Council to discuss at next meeting, too. Cost: estimate $6-7K.
  • Religious School: Reesa Shaw, PCC. Reesa suggested we participate in community activity, City of Agoura Hills Reyes Adobe Days Parade October 8, 2022. Will discuss with Program Council
  • Havurot: Cheryl Landsberg, Meet and Greet Event planned for after HHD.
  • Adult Education: Susana Rubinstein w/Rabbi Diamond – movie, Man on Fire, (virtual or in person?) Cost: estimate $300. To discuss with Program Council.
  • Mussar: Sandy Greenstein, PCC. Outreach. We are working on TAE news item – new Mussar group(s) forming in Sept., interested, contact Sandy.
  • Volunteers: Marilyn Lippel. Outreach. Need to create volunteer “bank.”
  • ECC: Donna Becker, Havdalah in the Park, Sat. Aug. 13, 3 p.m., Havdalah at 4 p.m., Borchard Park area C– may use this as opportunity for seeking ECC Havurot.
  • No PCC yet – need to do an open house and a back-to-school BBQ. To discuss with Program Council.

Additional outreach underway.

Caring Community – Nancy Federman

Membership events – Howard Weisenfeld – Hot Dogs and Havdalah (no date yet); Beverly Shapiro – Challah Bake (no date set).