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Program Council
Event Calendar Request
July 1, 2023 – June 30, 2024Submit Your Calendar Request Here All Program Council events must be added to the TAE calendar, whether the event is in-person or virtual. To secure your virtual or in-person event date(s), please submit your calendar request using our online Event Calendar Request form. This process is designed to help manage the many activities that invite congregant participation and offer temple-wide engagement opportunities.


1. Complete the online Event Calendar Request form, including as much detail as possible or email TAE Director of Communications Doreen Austad at

2. Your request will be evaluated to ensure it does not conflict with another event.

3. You will either receive an email confirming approval of your request, or should your request conflict with another event, you will be contacted by Doreen.

4. After your request has been approved, it will be added to the temple’s online master calendar.

5. If your event is happening at TAE, complete a separate Room Set-Up Request form and email to Heidi (The Event Calendar Request form is NOT a facilities set-up request form.)


1. Prior to making a calendar request, please check the TAE Online Calendar,

2. Events taking place after-hours (when there are no other scheduled events or meetings taking place on campus) and events requiring additional supplies (such as linens, coffee, and paper goods) may incur additional security and/or maintenance fees.

3. Remember to complete a Room Set-Up Request form and email to Heidi a minimum of two weeks prior to your event.

If you have questions or need help, please contact Doreen at,
805-728-1362. You may also contact Peggy C. Frank, Program Council Chair,, 818-642-6804.

Thank you!