Social Justice Task Forces

Social Justice Task Forces
Task forces are open to all TAE members!

In December 2020, Temple Adat Elohim formed four Social Justice Task Forces. Each group has been identifying specific areas that they would like to learn more about and then will be advocating for change. They will look to partner with existing groups who are already involved in this work. Each of the task forces welcomes TAE members to join as active participants in the group at any time. It is expected that these task forces will be on-going.

Criminal Justice Reform – Harold Gordon, Chair

Voter Rights Susan VanVleet & Diane Lipson, Co-Chairs

Education Reform – Arianne Walker & Susan Drapkin, Co-Chairs

Inclusion at TAE – Cyndi Levinson, Chair

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Task Force Meeting Information

Criminal Justice Reform
Harold Gordon, Chair

The Criminal Justice Reform (CJR) Task Force is exploring the best means by which TAE members can support criminal justice reform through legislation proposed for the current legislative session in Sacramento. During the previous legislative session, we supported SB 731 “Time Done”. We worked with the Reform Movement’s Religious Action Center – California to support this bill. The bill focused on relieving obstacles to brighter futures for those who have successfully completed their prison sentences, parole and/or probation. If you think that once a person convicted of a felony has “done their time” that they are able to return to a normal life, then you join many of us who unfortunately don’t know as much about our criminal legal system as we might think.

Senate Bill 731 (SB 731 – “Time Done”) did not past in the last legislative session, but will hopefully be reintroduced in the upcoming session and we will again work to move it forward.  Why does the Religious Action Center of the URJ support SB731?

Anyone who has served their sentence and paid their debt to society should have the opportunity to return to society and have a productive future life. The Alliance for Safety and Justice launched the Time Done campaign to raise awareness around the legal barriers that people living with convictions face long after they’ve successfully completed their sentences. These individuals continue to face restrictions on jobs, housing, education and other supports that are key to family stability and economic security long after serving their time. California SB 731 is critical legislation that will help create a pathway to redemption for so many Californians. Helping convicted felons return to productive lives is in the best interest of all Californians and is the right thing to do.

Voter Rights
Susan VanVleet & Diane Lipson, Co-Chairs

The Voter Rights Task force is working with Reform Judaism’s Religious Action Center (RAC) to support the For the People Act (HR1) and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act (HR 4).

Click here to learn more about the For the People Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act.

If you have any questions contact Susan Van Vleet at

Education Reform
Arianne Walker & Susan Drapkin, Co-Chairs

The mission of Temple Adat Elohim’s Education Reform Taskforce is to support and educate youth in the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Inclusion at TAE 
Cyndi Levinson, Chair

The TAE Inclusion Task Force is exploring ways to evaluate all aspects of TAE to insure that everyone feels included. We are exploring all aspects of inclusion including race, gender, disabilities, economic status, interfaith, single parenting and more. As areas of improvement are identified, we will be presenting and implementing changes.Click here to email our Social Action Committee for meeting dates and times or to join a task force.