Mazal Tov on Beginning the Process Toward Confirmation!

This is our final formal Religious School program, which is the 10th grade segment of our Gesher Program. This class culminates with the Confirmation Tefillah (prayer service). The curriculum includes Jewish ethics and explores contemporary issues from a Jewish point of view. Dilemmas of vital importance to our young people are candidly discussed and explored in a safe and supportive environment. While subjects are discussed from all standpoints, Jewish values are clearly stated. Our goal is for students to develop the tools to make sound choices in all aspects of their lives. Confirmation is taught by our Rabbi Straus and Director of Education Marcy Goldberg.

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Confirmation Class 2016-2017

Yasher Koachto our 17 Confirmation students who will mark a formal completion of their Jewish youth studies by leading services on Friday, June 2, 2016. These tenth grade students spent the year studying Life Cycles, God, Prayer, Middot, and other Jewish topics, volunteering at Many Mansions, and bonding as a group. We are so proud of the adults you are becoming and we are honored that you chose to study with us for Confirmation. We are especially grateful for your gift of copies of the Mishkan Tefillah.

Congratulations to: Evan Brenner, Nathan Brenner, Joshua Caltabiano, Garrett Chen, Cayla Cohen, Ryan Cohen, Madeline Fayne, Chloe Feinberg, Caroline Kindelt, Danielle Klein, Isabelle Lopez, Abigail Messe, Joshua Messe, Jeremy Mettel, Noah Ravetch, Michelle Rothman, Jason Weisenfeld .

Thank you for embarking on this experience with us. May it be filled with blessings and love, a sense of accomplishment and pride, and the beginning of many good things to come.

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