Seder Match ™

Hosting or finding your perfect Passover seder!

We’re thrilled to announce a new and exciting experience unique to Temple Adat Elohim called Seder Match™.

This Passover, we are focusing on fostering deeper connections within our community by transforming our tradition of gathering for a TAE Community Seder at temple on the second night of Passover. Instead of the Community Seder, we are creating opportunities for congregants to share, celebrate, and experience the richness of Passover in a more intimate setting by matching households. Join us in making this Passover uniquely memorable by participating in Seder Match™.

Do you need a place to celebrate Passover or simply want to connect with other TAE partners for the holiday? Join our new TAE Seder Match program this Passover!


HOSTS: Any TAE congregant is welcome to invite a temple guest or guests to join their seder. Hosts can decide how many guests they would like to invite, specify the preferred age range of guests, and more. This information will be used to match hosts with guests. To become a host, please visit to sign up! The information you provide will be used to match guests with hosts.

GUESTS: Guests are TAE congregants who need a place to celebrate or those who simply wish to enjoy a Passover seder with others in our community. We welcome any TAE congregant to be a guest at another seder. As soon as we have hosts available, an email will be sent encouraging guests to sign up. To join a seder, please visit

If you have questions, feel free to reach out with questions to Shira Magat at