About Donna Becker

Learn about Donna Becker: A guiding light who has spent many years inspiring families and enriching the lives of both parents and their children at Temple Adat Elohim.

From Jewish Day School to Congregation: Donna’s Transition to TAE
Donna Becker brings decades of expertise in early childhood education to her role as the Director of the Early Childhood Center at Temple Adat Elohim. Her journey at TAE began with the unique opportunity to transition from a Jewish day school environment to synagogue life, drawn by the close connections with the rabbis and cantor on campus, which enriches the community experience.

Crowning Achievement: The Establishment of the Infant Center
During her tenure at TAE, Donna is especially proud of establishing the Infant Center, which she considers the crowning jewel of her career. This center not only meets the needs of the community but also marks the beginning of a child’s Jewish journey. It serves as a nurturing ground for planting the seeds of Judaism and creates a warm, welcoming space that feels like a home away from home for both children and their parents.

Embracing Diversity: A Heartfelt Approach to Inclusive Education
Donna is known for her open heart, bringing a special warmth that embraces all families. Her inclusive approach welcomes children from diverse backgrounds, including interfaith families, enriching the preschool’s community. She is committed to supporting families through meaningful conversations and guidance, helping them navigate various challenges with compassion.

Cherished Moments: Fostering Community and Creating Memories
Over the years, the number of children at TAE has grown, a testament to the synagogue’s welcoming spirit and Donna’s impactful leadership. She cherishes the memories of having her own grandchildren attend TAE, watching siblings grow up in the community, and seeing preschoolers develop in the religious school. Family camps and holiday celebrations like Purim are highlights that showcase the deep connections fostered under her direction.

Heart and Home: Deepening Ties within the TAE Family
Donna’s love for TAE is deeply rooted in the special relationships she has built, the stories she has heard, and the bonds she has strengthened within the community. For Donna, TAE is not just a workplace but a second home, where every challenge is an opportunity to connect more deeply with others, making everyone feel part of a larger family.


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