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“There are many synagogues, organizations, and charities out there to join, but TAE is different.  It is where our families, friends, and familiar faces come to feel safe and practice our religion in a world that so often fails us. TAE is not just a community, it is no different from those villages our grandparents or great grandparents existed in for generations as well.  As congregants come and go, TAE is a constant in our lives that provides meaning, purpose, and unconditional acceptance.”  – Beverly and Steven Shapiro,  2023

Beverly and Steven Shapiro have made TAE an important part of their lives. For Beverly, since 1974 and for Steven, since their marriage at TAE in 2006. It is a place where they made a commitment to each other and continue to raise their teenage daughter, Ava who is a current Madracha.

They have made their closest friends at TAE. Beverly’s connection with TAE started long before she was an adult.

Beverly’s connection with TAE started long before she was an adult. Here’s a timeline that underscores her love of TAE:

  • Beverly’s Baby Naming at TAE – 1974
  • Beverly’s Bat Mitzvah – 1980
  • Barbara Blanchard, Beverly’s mom, commissioned both pulpits in memory of Beverly’s sister, Debby, who passed at age 11 – 1980
  • Beverly’s Bat Mitzvah was the first time the pulpits were used – 1980
  • Beverly’s Confirmation – 1981

Beverly and Steven stay committed to TAE. “In our family, there have been multiple generations of baby namings and b’nai mitzvahs at TAE, including our own wedding.”  

  • Beverly and Steven officially joined TAE – 2006
  • Beverly and Steven got married at TAE – 2006
  • Ava’s Baby Naming – 2008
  • Ava was enrolled in Mommy and Me classes, our ECC, and Religious School – 2009
  • Ava’s Bat Mitzvah – 2021
  • Ava’s Confirmation – 2023

As a teen, Beverly was her youth group president.  As an adult, she held numerous board positions and served on two rabbi search committees. She also served on various other TAE committees and led several successful challah bakes that united the congregation in so many ways. Steven participated on the finance committee and also served on a rabbi search committee.

We are so grateful for Beverly and Steven’s bright light and are inspired by their commitment to TAE, their spiritual home. 

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