Make the Most of Today to Ease Tomorrow’s Burdens

Preparing for the end of life by making your cemetery property purchases and funeral arrangements is a gift of love. Your family or friends will not have to make difficult decisions at the most trying of times. They’ll know your wishes and can fulfill them. And, you can reduce financial burdens on those you leave behind. When you pre-plan your purchase of cemetery property at Mount Sinai in Simi Valley or at Valley Oaks, you’ll also avoid price escalations that could occur in the future.

Temple Adat Elohim can help you start the process. You can choose from two beautiful Memorial Parks.

Benefits of Advance Planning

  • Knowing final arrangements have been made can be a great comfort to you, your children, or other loved ones.
  • Making decisions in a situation that is free of emotional stress and grief helps to ensure that you make the right decisions for yourself and your family.
  • You can choose from a wider array of property now than may be available in the future.
  • You’ll avoid probable property cost escalations.

FAQ About Cemetery Purchases

What am I purchasing?
Members may purchase a cemetery plot in a special location owned by TAE at either Mount Sinai Memorial Park, Simi Valley or in the Jewish section of Valley Oaks Cemetery called Beth Olam 2. We are not selling mortuary or other services. Such additional items may be purchased at a reduced rate from the cemetery, if desired.
Who may purchase?
Members in good standing and their extended family members, including children, parents, and significant life partners may purchase cemetery plots.
What is the purchase price?
Effective January 1, 2012, single plots at Mount Sinai are priced at $5,410* each. Single plots at Beth Olam 2 may be purchased for $5,400* each. Double internment plots are available at Beth Olam 2 for $8,100*. (*Prices and terms are subject to change.)
Is there a payment plan?
Members may elect to pay the purchase price over 18 months at an interest rate to be determined at the time. The monthly payments will be added to TAE’s regular monthly billing. The monthly payments will be held as a deposit until the entire payment is received. This option is only available to members in good standing. All plots must be paid in full at the time of use.
What happens if I want to sell the property?
The Temple shall have the right of first refusal on the resale of plots. The purchase price shall be the greater of the original purchase price or 75% of the current selling price of like kind plot offered directly from the cemetery. If the member wishes to not complete the purchase, TAE shall refund 90% of the payments made within 30 days of the written request by the member.
Who do I contact for more information?
Contact the office for an appointment to begin your pre-need arrangements and information about current pricing and finance options.