Advice from Bette

Advice from Bette
  • These are challenging times and can be stressful with so much uncertainty. We have never been through this before and don’t know what to expect, nor how long this will go on.
  • Stay focused on this moment. Right here and now, all is well. We have no answers about tomorrow, but for now, staying safe and healthy and keeping others safe and healthy are our top priorities.
  • Remember that sometimes we all have to go through hard things. It’s ok to have higher expectations of our kids during tough times and it’s ok to ask for more help or cooperation than usual. Don’t be afraid of your kids being uncomfortable. These are uncomfortable times for us all and we need to ask for whatever we need from them. More kindness, more help, more cooperation, etc… Raise your expectations of them and watch them rise to the occasion (we hope!)
  • Be sure to manage your expectations of your children’s abilities. We can’t expect little ones to know what is happening, nor to understand. They are still little and won’t be able to do more than their age, developmental stage and temperament allow.
  • Be patient, get creative and look at this as an opportunity to slow down and connect in ways our usual lifestyle doesn’t allow.
  • Watch for the small miracles during this time and look for the blessings. Teach your kids to do the same.
  • Be sure to take good care of yourself! Without you in a good head space, you’re no good for anyone else. Take breaks when possible and plan ahead if possible so you know when it’s coming. Take that time to fill up your love and patience tanks so you come back armed and ready to dive in with your kids.

If you need additional support through all of this, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Bette Alkazian, LMFT

Balanced Parenting