TAEngage FAQ

What does TAEngage do? TAEngage creates lay-led small groups of congregants with shared interests that meet for a limited period of time (weeks or months). The short-term nature of TAEngage groups allows relationships to grow and one’s circle of friends to expand organically and at one’s own pace.

Is this a Havurah? No. A Havurah is often a group of families who come together to socialize and to celebrate. Havurot (plural of Havurah) often meet together for years or decades.

How is TAEngage different? TAEngage interest groups may choose to meet together for weeks or months at a time. At the end of their time together, participants may choose to continue, if they wish, or select another group. By creating groups that meet for a shorter time, people can join a TAEngage group without feeling that it is a life-long commitment. If a group wishes to continue, they are welcome to do so.

Who can participate? TAEngage is open to any TAE congregant or ECC household interested in meeting more congregants with similar interests, learning about interesting topics…the opportunities are endless; groups are going to be formed and created by members for members!

Why Now? Our congregants have long talked about their desire to connect with other members in meaningful ways. Over the past few years, congregations have been successfully using listening campaigns and programs like TAEngage develop relationships and form friendships.

What role can I play? Our skilled coaches will help interested members to facilitate a group or take notes for our initial Listening Campaign. Some people may be willing to host in their home and others may simply wish to attend.