ECC Approved Foods

To keep all children safe while in our care, we ask that all families adhere to approved list of items below for kids marketplace days, birthdays, holidays, and class celebrations.

For the safety of all children, NO peanuts and/or any other kind of tree nuts are permitted. Food items that are “processed in a facility” with peanuts and/or any other kind of tree nuts are ok. Avoid items that “may contain” or are “made on shared equipment” with peanuts and/or any other kind of tree nuts.

If there are additional food allergies in your classroom, all parents in the class will be notified.

NO homemade items baked at home, due to the risk of cross contamination. NO choking hazards: popcorn, un-cut grapes/cherry tomatoes/other small round foods.

Please stick to the following food item list (including brand). Each brand has different ingredients and the exact food items below have been deemed safe for all the children.

Please arrange with your child’s teacher if you plan on bringing in food items for the classroom on a specific day.

ECC Approved Food & Item list:

    • D’Amores Pizza (cheese, child size slices)
    • “Annie’s” fruit snacks, grahams, cookies, crackers, bars or puffs
    • “Made Good” Granola bars/bites, cookies, crackers, or crispy squares (Ralphs, Costco, Amazon)
    • “That’s It.” Mini fruit Bars (Amazon or Costco)
    • Fresh fruit (no choking hazards, like uncut grapes)
    • “Enjoy Life”, “Katz Donuts” (found in the Sprouts freezer section), “Abe’s” and “Cybele’s” brands
    • Nabisco Mini Oreo or Chips Ahoy Cookies
    • Barnum’s Animal Crackers
    • Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Treats
    • Popsicles
    • Applesauce pouches
    • NON-FOOD ITEMS are great! Stickers, bubbles, coloring/painting sets, play-doh, toys and fun items from the dollar stores, amazon, or Oriental Trading are always a hit and encouraged. Please just make note of the age it is suited for, so there are no choking hazards.

Infant Center

We are excited about the opening of our Gallant-Schiff Infant Center on Wednesday, August 21!

We will offer a warm, nurturing environment focused on meeting the needs of each individual child, with a program grounded in the Jewish values of kindness, compassion, inclusiveness, and respect.

More information coming soon!

Questions? Interested in a tour? Call the Early Childhood Center at 805-497-6920.