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Our Mission

Adat Elohim is a welcoming and fulfilling Jewish community embracing those who seek spirituality, knowledge, and a desire to heal the world.

Why TAE?

We have over 50 years’ experience as a dynamic and diverse Jewish community in the heart of the Conejo Valley. We were raised in different Jewish denominations or raised without affiliation; raised in other faiths or without religious affiliation; married, single, widowed, interfaith, multiracial, or LGBTQ. We are all ages, abilities, views, and orientations.

We join together now: one congregation, one extended family.


We are all partners in sustaining and nurturing TAE. Together, we create meaningful space for Jewish experiences, prayer and spirituality, and social connections.

We Welcome You!

TAE welcomes all who are interested in joining our community.

Jewish Life

Our goal at TAE is to increase each congregant’s love, understanding and involvement in Jewish life and living.


We strive to build a community that will be there for each other during the highs and lows of life. Through small group gatherings and temple events we strive to strengthen relationships among our partners. Our TAE Engage program offers partners a way to connect with like-minded individuals. 

Tikkun Olam

We have a deeply rooted responsibility to Tikkun Olam to speak about and to address social justice and other issues in the broader community. We have a very active Social Action Committee that is very involved in helping our community and is open to all congregants.

We Welcome You!

TAE welcomes all who are interested in joining our community.

Jewish Education

At TAE we believe that Jewish education begins at the earliest age and continues throughout our lives.

Learning is a constant and proactive process in which we are all both students and teachers. Our sacred texts and history lay a foundation for our study as we individually build upon the wisdom of ancient times.

Torah and all that it encompasses is our tree of life and we continue to nurture its growth for future generations.

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