Kever Avot

Sunday, October 6 at 11:00am

Pierce Brothers Valley Oaks Cemetery
5600 Lindero Canyon Rd.
Westlake Village

Kever Avot, literally “graves of the fathers,” is the tradition of visiting the graves of our parents and loved ones.

Join us as we pray together, support one another, and honor the memory of those who have passed. 

Shabbat Shuva

Friday, October 4 beginning at 5:30pm

Join Rabbi Barry Diamond and Cantor David Shukiar at Zuma Beach (Tower 13) to eat, pray, and have a second chance to participate in the Tashlich ritual.

**There will NOT be Shabbat Services at TAE this Friday. If you are observing the yahrzeit of a loved one, their name will be read on Friday at the beach and again on Saturday morning.

Speaker Series

(presented by  Brotherhood)

Mrs. Loren Lieb

San Fernando Chapter of the Brady

United Against Gun Violence Organization

Sunday, October 13, at 9:15 AM in the Social Hall

 Mrs. Loren Lieb, whose son Josh was a victim of the August 1999 white supremacist attack  on the Jewish Community Center of Granada Hills, and who was the subject of a recent Steve Lopez Los Angeles Times op-ed on gun violence, has graciously agreed to speak at our upcoming Sunday morning speaker event.  She has worked for years with the Brady organization as well as the West L.A.-based Women Against Gun Violence Organization.  We urge you to read the op-ed and to attend this important and timely bagel brunch.


 The event begins in the social hall at 9:15 AM with a brunch that includes fruit, yogurt, granola, lox, bagels, cream cheese, and other tasty goodies.
To help defray the cost of the brunch, we suggest a donation of $5.  Mrs. Loren Lieb will begin her presentation at about 9:45 AM.

Please RSVP to Bob Salfi—his e-mail address is on the TO line above.

We need RSVPs to help determine our brunch requirements.

Bake Sale Approved Foods

Nut Policy

For the safety of all children, NO peanuts and/or any other kind of tree nuts are permitted. Food items that are “processed in a facility” with peanuts and/or any other kind of tree nuts are allowed. Avoid items that “may contain” or are “made on shared equipment” with peanuts and/or any other kind of tree nuts. Items that are sent to school with nuts or traces of nuts will be sent home.

Bake Sales

Bake Sales are coordinated by the Early Childhood Education’s Mishpaha (parent group). Each month a different class sponsors this event. We ask that all families adhere to our nut policy. In addition, there are children with life threatening allergies to other foods. We ask that you do not bake items at home due to the risk of cross contamination and that you please stick to the following food item list (including brand) when purchasing bake sale items. Each brand has different ingredients and the exact food items below have been deemed safe for all the children.

Bake Sale Dates!

If you would like to purchase something different, please contact Doreen Austad by email

In addition to the food choices below, all applesauce cups and raisin packs are okay, as well as, all Enjoy Life, Katz Donuts (found in the Sprouts freezer section), and Cybele’s brands!