Shalom in Israel: An Inside Look at the War Against Hamas with Benjy Maor (Munitz)

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9:15 A.M.

Benjy Maor grew up in the Los Angeles area and made aliyah (moved to Israel) in the 1980s. There, he served in leadership positions including Director of Development at Beit Issie Shapiro and Director of Resource Development at Tzad Kadima (Steps Forward), providing support to children and adults who suffered brain damage.

Benjy is also deeply knowledgeable about the political and military situation in Israel and recently helped our congregants to understand the democracy protests. He is bringing his insight and knowledge so we can better understand the difficult situation in Israel.

Please RSVP to Bob Salfi at rsalfi@alumni.stevens.eduso we know how many people to expect. A suggested donation of $5 at the door will be appreciated to help cover the cost of the breakfast.

Open to our entire congregation. Sponsored by TAE Brotherhood.

Here is what Benjy said about donating money:

1. Brothers and Sisters in Israel:
A call to action over the brutal attack on Israel.
This organization…
* Support for victims and their families
* Provide meals and clothing
* Host displaced families from the warzone
* Set-up ad-hoc logistic centers at the heart of Israel for clothing and pharma supplies

2. The Israel Coalition:
The Israel Trauma Coalition provides a holistic-collaborative approach that includes knowledge, tools and resources for optimal emergency preparedness, professional support, focused on the rapid recovery of the individual, community and strengthening national resilience.

3. United Hatzalah of Israel:
We are a community-based volunteer emergency medical services (EMS) organization committed to providing the fastest response to medical emergencies across Israel  even prior the arrival of ambulances and completely free of charge.

All these three have been vetted by Benji and his close friend who represents a British philanthropist.