Rabbi Lotker Zoom Classes

What Happens After I Die? – Jewish Views of the Afterlife

When:  Wednesday evenings, May 26th, June 2nd, and June 9th at 7:00 p.m.

Where:  Rabbi Lotker’s Zoom Room –  https://zoom.us/j/8190896166


Will the sessions be recorded?  Yes and they will be sent to you by email and also posted on my YouTube channel.

Is There a Fee?  No, the classes are sponsored by the Jewish Federation of Ventura County and Joel & Barbara Aaronson & The Affordable Living Choices Trust in my role as Community Rabbi.  You can donate to them here at  https://www.jewishventuracounty.org/ways-to-give.

How do I register?  Simply Email Rabbi Lotker lotker@aol.com (you will get class reminders and alerts of changes -if any)

Can Bring a Friend?  Sure!  Just pass along this e-mail

Many Jews are surprised to learn that Judaism has always held that there is something beyond the grave – a life in the “world to come.”  We just don’t know (or teach) the details because no one has come back to tell us and because Judaism’s focus is on this life.   In this class, we will explore the wide range of authentic Jewish beliefs about the afterlife and how these beliefs have affected Jewish traditions of burial and mourning.  In our sessions we will examine what the Bible has to say, the Rabbinic and Talmudic thoughts and commentaries, the amazing world of medieval commentary, mystical and kabbalistic insights and well as what modern thinkers contribute.  We will also explore the world of Jewish funeral and mourning customs and their origins.