Mishloach Manot

Mishloach manot (sending gifts) is a tradition in which we send gifts of food to friends, family, and colleagues to show appreciation for each other and ensure that everyone has the means to be happy, foiling Haman’s plans.

Help bring happiness to our community, while supporting TAE by sending TAE Mishloach Manot gifts to your friends and families. 

Deadline to order is Wednesday, March 9th!

How the Mishloach Manot exchange works:

You click on the link below and log in (click here for login instructions). Complete the form and select who will receive your gift package. According to tradition, we send at least two of these gifts every Purim. Every TAE family, teacher, and staff member will receive one gift bag with a personalized letter listing the names of all those who sent them Mishloach Manot. You can send them to specific people, to anyone who sends you one (reciprocity) or to everyone – all TAE and ECC families, teachers, and staff.  


Reciprocity ensures that everyone who chose to send you a Mishloach Manot will automatically receive one in return! Your name will be included on each letter and you will be billed for reciprocity after our Mishloach Manot campaign closes on Wednesday, March 9th. Select the reciprocity option on the order form and we will do the rest!

The first Mishloach Manot you select to send is $18; each one thereafter is $3. If you’d like to send to the entire community, select “EVERYONE,” and for $360 your name will appear on all the letters!

The Mishloach Manot gifts will be distributed to ECC and Religious School families during school. The remaining baskets will be delivered by volunteers or available for pick up at the temple.

Contact Doreen Austad with any questions at daustad@adatelohim.com.Click here to order your Mishloach Manot bag