February 2, 2022

Led by Cinda Chatfield

Proactive parenting: Parenting that is peaceful and positive

Last week, I talked about Part 1 of a Parent Education Boot Camp based on integrating Jewish values with social-emotional development. Click here to read last week’s article. This week, I would like to share Part 2 of the boot camp series, Proactive Parenting.

How many of you are tired of power struggles with your children? How many of you would like to get through the day peacefully? What if I tell you there is a proven method that can eliminate power struggles and create a peaceful home, while allowing your children to feel empowered? Would you want to learn more? If yes, Parent Boot Camp Part 2 with Cinda Chatfield, child development specialist, parent educator, and founder of Chatfield & Company is perfect for you!

Cinda will facilitate a variety of interactive workshops for families with newborns through five-year-old children. The topics will be based on survey responses by participating parents so the topics are relevant.

I have personally seen the impact of Cinda’s methods on our ECC families. I am looking forward to seeing parents implement new proactive, reinforcing, and peaceful parenting strategies.