Havurot Happenings – July, 2022


If you have always wanted to join a Havurah, now is the time. We are actively recruiting members in all age groups, including singles and couples in both new and existing groups. Current openings are listed below:

Empty Nester and Boomer-1 Couples:
We are recruiting for an existing group of married couples in the 60s to 70s age range. Please contact Joni Berger at

Women Only:
Our long time groups of solo women (both single and married) are also looking for additional members. Women in their 50s and 60s should contact Laura Seasongood at 

Women in their 70s and 80s:
Please email Joan Bernick at

Elementary Age and Pre-Teen Families:
Please contact Jane Dankberg at Jane-dankberg@yahoo.com or Jessica Maiten at jessica@fausthouse.org.

For more information about joining a Havurah, please contact Cheryl Landsberg at Cheryllandsberg@gmail.com or Peggy Frank at Pfrank@frankpr.com.