Outside the Box

OUT OF THE BOX: A Relaxing Evening of Creating
Thursday, March 30, 2023
6:30 – 8:30 p.m.
TAE Social Hall

RSVP to Cory Jakl by Saturday, March 26, at cory@jakl.net
Materials fee: $10.00. Make checks payable to TAE Sisterhood and send to Cory Jakl
1255 Briargate Court, Oak Park 91377

Tzedakah is always the right thing to do. We know that for sure. Yet sometimes, we need to give to ourselves. That’s what we will be doing for this program: taking the time just for you, and making something, just for you. 

Who’s ready to get crafty with me? Let’s have a relaxing evening, which inevitably will include some chatting and possibly a bit of noshing, while we create. These decorative small boxes, filled with personal prompts to you, affirmations, or just plain pretty cards, will serve as a gift to yourself when you might want a moment of inspiration.

Maybe you want to create action cards – “Go to a movie alone and order the large popcorn,” or “Meditate for one hour then journal what I learned,” or “Do one thing on my to-do list.” Maybe you want to create inspiration cards, “Let go,” or “Be brave.” Whatever comes to you during class time will be just right.

No experience needed. Only a willingness to come for fun, and leave inspired.