Class Birthday/Celebration Approved Foods

We have created a food policy to keep all children safe while in our care. We ask that all families adhere to the nut policy (below). Additionally, we ask that you do not bake items at home due to the risk of cross contamination.

We know and appreciate that our families love to celebrate birthdays, holidays, and other events. To keep all our children safe during celebrations, we created a list of approved food items. Please stick to the following food item list (including brand). Each brand has different ingredients and the exact food items below have been deemed safe for all the children.

Please arrange with your child’s teacher if you plan on bringing in food items for the classroom on a specific day.

Approved food list for class Birthdays/Celebrations:

    • D’Amore’s Pizza (cheese, child slices)  Thousand Oaks (805) 496-0030
    • Annie’s brand fruit snacks, grahams, cookies, crackers, bars or puffs
    • Nabisco Mini Oreo or Chips Ahoy Cookies
    • Barnum’s Animal Crackers
    • Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers
    • Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Treats
    • “That’s It.” Mini fruit Bars (Amazon or Costco)
    • “Simply Balanced Fruit Strips” (Target or Costco)
    • Fresh fruit
    • Applesauce pouches, Sunmaid Raisin packs
    • Anything made by “Enjoy Life”, “Katz Donuts” (found in the Sprouts freezer section), and “Cybele’s” brands
    • Also consider non-food items to celebrate, such as volunteering to facilitate a special project, reading a story to the class and giving out stickers, etc.

Nut Policy

For the safety of all children, NO peanuts and/or any other kind of tree nuts are permitted. Food items that are “processed in a facility” with peanuts and/or any other kind of tree nuts are allowed. Avoid items that “may contain” or are “made on shared equipment” with peanuts and/or any other kind of tree nuts. Items that are sent to school with nuts or traces of nuts will be sent home.  If there are additional food allergies in your classroom, all parents in the class will be notified.

Bake Sales

Bake Sales are coordinated by the Early Childhood Education’s Mishpaha (Parent Association Group). Each month a different class sponsors this event. More details and dates will be emailed.