Passover Seder Guides

Passover Seder Guides

Haggadah – Passover Seder Guide

There are many, many versions of the Haggadah, but here are some links to find one that suits your family.

  • Haggadah LibraryFree, printable Haggadot with themes ranging from the traditional to the modern such as a comedy Seder, a friends’ Seder, a coloring book Seder, and a 10-minute Seder designed for an enjoyable virtual Seder.
  • 16 Unique Haggadot to Enliven your Passover Seder – Are you looking for a new Haggadah for this year’s Passover seder? Whether you’re interested in making your Passover celebrations a little more socially conscious or a little more magical, we’ve got you covered.
  • Great for Families! Family Haggadah from PJ Library – Download and print a free copy at PJ Library Family Haggadah or order hardcopies on Amazon for $8/each.
  • Running your own seder, virtually or in person?  Use this handy URJ checklist to help you prepare.

Social Justice Haggadot

Passover is a holiday about freedom.

Many people in our world today are not free. They live enslaved, in poverty, hungry, or alone. If you would like to integrate information about those in need into your seder, here are some resources.

(Click on the links below to view the various Haggadot – Passover guides)

American Jewish World Service – Next Year in a Just World Haggadah

Mazon  – Hunger Seder

Mazon’s Fifth Question

Reform Judaism – 8 Modern Additions to the Seder Plate

HIAS Haggadah – In Every Generation See Yourself as Though you Left Egypt

HIAS – Haggadah Supplement – A Haggadah for Justice

Jewish Campaign for Immigration Reform – We were Strangers, too

Haggadah for a Socially Responsible Chocolate Seder

Religious Action Center – Haggadah for Environmental Justice

Religious Action Center – Immigration Seder Ritual

Religious Action Center – A Prayer for Refugees

Reform Judaism – The Four Children: A Racial Justice Haggadah Insert

Religious Action Center – 10 Plagues of Inequality