Speaker: The Art of Forgiveness


Adult Group Study Sessions
1:00 – 5:15 PM

The Art of Forgiveness
Time: TBD
In-person only, tickets not necessary

Is there an art to forgiveness? These stories reveal the secrets to forgiving…but do we ever forget? Find out in this moving and thought-provoking show that deals with sibling rivalry, betrayal, ex-husbands, a German’s plea for forgiveness and one woman’s ability to forgive herself after a horrible accident that takes a man’s life.  All this, and more, will bring you to tears and laughter as well. Tried and true powerhouse of a show!

Engagement Activity: 

Anonymously type an apology you wish you had received or an apology you wish you made. These apologies will be posted on a “Forgiveness Wall” that congregants can peruse as they enter the Synagogue during High Holy Days. 

Watch a short called,Who I Am(2:46 min) from a show “Remembrance of Things Present,” featuring the true stories from children and grandchildren of Holocaust survivors.


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