Shoes that Fit

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Mitzvah Day, November 4th.

Shoes can change a child’s life. Participation in sports and physical activities goes up nearly 75% and attendance goes up 43% when kids have shoes that fit.

Temple Adat Elohim partners with an elementary school in Oxnard to provide needy children with new athletic shoes. The school identifies students who need the special assistance. They provide us with a list of first names, gender and shoe sizes for the children. You select one or more children you would like to help.

Purchase a pair of athletic shoes. On the lid of the box, write the name of the child you have sponsored  and deliver the shoes to temple during the designated week (more info to follow as the date gets closer). The shoes are then delivered to the school which distributes them to each individual child.

Check back here as Mitzvah Day approaches for more information.