Jewish Values Program

Jewish Values for Everyday Living

Mussar (ethics) for Children encourages an inquiry based approach in which cooperative, child-initiated learning promotes the children’s spiritual and ethical development. The Jewish Values for Everyday Living program provides a starting point for creating awareness and encouraging reflection and on-going discovery.

Every month, Michelle Princenthal brings Mendel the Mensch, a child-size puppet, with her to intoruce a new Middah (value). The children experience Mendel as the messenger who brings them the values from revered Jewish sources. The children are always excited to see the puppet, knowing that whenever he or she visits a new value to explore and practice is included, along with books to read, a much-loved “Questions in a Jar” activity and more.

About Michelle Princenthal: Michelle is a certified facilitator in the study and practice of Mussar by The Mussar Institute. Michelle has been a Jewish educator for over 25 years and is the author of Mussar for Children. Continues to facilitate Mussar programs for adults and children in synagogues and The Mussar Institute.

Enjoy this wonderful story about the value: Courage.
Scroll down to find “Questions in a Jar” session with Mendel the Mensch. 


“Questions in a Jar” with Mendel the Mensch