Combat Voter Suppression

Combat Voter Suppression

Voter Suppression has long plagued the U.S. election system, particularly impacting communities of color. Today, underrepresented communities continue the fight for equal access to the ballot.

The Temple Adat Elohim Voter Rights Task Force will be participating in RECLAIM OUR VOTE’s nonpartisan postcard campaigns in targeted states where voters’ rights are being negatively impacted through various laws and actions.

  • This is a nonpartisan campaign.
  • We will be sending postcards to voters in various states and jurisdictions identified by Reclaim Our Vote. The details of these campaigns will be available shortly.
  • We hope that you will join in writing postcards. Please send an email now to to sign up today so that we can be ready as soon as the campaigns open.
  • Each person will be provided a script to follow when writing. You will be asked to write 20 postcards and to purchase the stamps ($.36 each) for them as well.

One of the TAE committee members will contact you with the time/location to pick up the postcards in a few weeks.

To learn about Reclaim Our Vote go to