Shoes That Fit

Shoes That Fit

Donate a pair of shoes to a child in need.

As children are returning to campus in the fall – many of them will be wearing shoes that are too small, have holes or are worn out.

When you give a child a pair of shoes, you give them so much more. Hope. Dignity. Joy.

Schools have reported that receiving a new pair of shoes provides:

  • 87% increase in self-esteem
  • 70% increase physical activity
  • 56% improved behavior

TAE will be providing shoes to 50 low income children at Thurgood Marshall K-8 school in Oxnard.

We will be receiving the names/sizes for the children in late August.

Please sign up now (by August 15) to indicate that you would like to purchase a pair of shoes. We will then be able to tell the school how many children we will be able to provide shoes for and they will then measure their feet.

After signing up, you will get an email in late August when the names/sizes of the children have been posted and you will then be able to select which child you would like to buy for.

After you have selected the child, purchase the shoes and drop them at TAE at the beginning of September (the exact date – TBD).

 If you would like to sign up to provide a pair of shoes, CLICK HERE.

Learn more about the program at