Serena Tobias

My family joined Temple Adat Elohim in 2000.  In 2007 I began volunteering for the temple on a regular basis as a committee member for the Religious Practices Committee (RPC).  I remained a member of that committee for 11 years, of which I was the RPC Chair for 2 years and the RPC Vice President for 4 years.  All four members of my family have gone through the B’Nai Mitzvah program at TAE; 2 as children and 2 as adults.

Temple Adat Elohim is my home away from home. I try to be there for whoever needs me whenever I am asked.  I believe we should always treat each member of the temple as if they were the most important congregant…as if they were the family member I like most!

Currently, I sit on the TAE Board of Directors as The Volunteer Coordinator.

I married my childhood sweetheart in 1990. We have two amazing sons: Joshua was born in 1994 and Jacob was born 1997.  Both children attended TAE’s preschool and religious school through their senior years in high school. Both were also the Adat Elohim Temple Youth (AETY) president during their senior year in high school.

I began costuming school plays in 2007. Since then, I have costumed 15 plays, sometimes by myself and other times with a co-director. I cannot do everything myself! Sometimes I need a co-director, someone to sew, and someone to shop. I look at volunteering like being the costume director; it is my job to make the director look successful. Making the committees and congregants happy is the same as working with actors: You have to fit each one, individually, for an enjoyable experience.

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