Havurah Co-Chair

Arthur Heisman

In 2017 The Heismans assumed leadership of the TAE Havurah program, which has a long and successful history at the Temple. Debbie and Art are  active Temple members — attending services regularly, and going to many TAE events. In 2014 the Heismans joined a Havurah that is still going strong as a close group committed to their friendships. Spreading the warm goodwill that grows in a successful Havurah is what drives Debbie and Art to build the program throughout the TAE community.

Debbie is a retired court reporter, and Art is a semi-retired CPA. Debbie moved to Los Angeles in 1952 with her parents and brother. Art has lived in Southern CA since 1961, when he moved here from Kingston NY.  Debbie and Art were married in 1953. They have two daughters who now live in the Bay Area. They are also proud grandparents of Amanda and Kyle.

Contact Arthur Heisman at heicpa@gmail.com