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“Silence”/ Sh'tika

Silence, however, can be difficult for many of us. We are constantly plugged into a noisy world of phones, radios, family and friends. From the first glimpse of daylight to the last moments before we go to sleep, we are surrounded by sounds. Our dreams may not even give us the quiet that we seek.

And yet, silence / sh'tika is so important in the Jewish tradition that it is even woven into our prayer service. It is seen as a time to connect intimately with God and with ourselves. It is a time for our soul to be refreshed.

May this month of January be a time for all of us to experience silence / sh'tika so that we can feel the inner joys and wholeness of connection and so we can enter the new year refreshed and ready for all of the possibilities that 2013 has to offer.


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