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Shop Locally for Groceries and Support TAE

Our local supermarket, Ralphs is offering a percentage of your purchases and crediting it to Temple Adat Elohim. Even if you registered as recently as June, July or August 2013, you will be required to register again, on or after September 1, 2013. Our community code number is 81158.


Chai Annual Campaign

Donations to the Chai Annual Campaign qualify you for different levels of Pillar recognition, (see below). Donate here to make contributions to the General Fund, our Mortgage Reduction Fund or the Property Reserve Fund, or to the following Pillar Qualifying funds and initiatives: Chai Annual Campaign (General, Mortgage Reduction and Reserve Funds) Education and Scholarship Funds (Religious School and Yeladim Scholarship Funds, Youth Proogramming Fund) Music and Choir Fund Prayer Book Fund High Holy Days (Reserved Seats (new for 2012-13), tickets for additional family members, and the Annual Appeal) Fundraising Events and Programs (varies from year to year) .


Designated Giving

Designated giving can be made by temple members, relatives and friends "in memory of" or "in honor of" someone special to you. These gifts are intended for a specific purpose. Not only do your tributes make a difference to the lives of individuals, our temple, and our community, your tribute is published in our temple newsletter, the Bazman Hazeh.




Ner Tamid Endowment

Our endowment fund. Stated quite simply, an endowment fund is a way to ensure that your gift provides revenue for the temple forever. A gift to our endowment fund is never spent. Instead, it is invested; each year a portion of the earnings is made available to be spent for TAE's benefit. The remaining portion of the earnings is returned to the fund to increase the fund’s value and provide for future spending. Over time, the amount of money available for temple programs will far exceed the value of the donor’s original gift. And because the gifts into the fund are never spent, the fund will provide support for the temple forever.

To learn more about our temple endowment funds email Ken Bock or call Ken Bock at 805-446-4612.

Why We Make a Difference to You. Why You Make a Difference to Us.

Pillar Member Recognition

Temple Adat Elohim members have several avenues, in addition to their dues, to enhance the life of the community. Pillar membership is one of these. Becoming a Pillar member is your opportunity to provide financial support to Temple Adat Elohim above and beyond your Temple Dues and Fees. Your generosity allows for enhancement to our Temple in ways that the budget does not allow. Pillar members may participate in the listed levels which will be reflected on the annually-updated Chai Annual Campaign Pillar recognition panel. Pillar members are recognized weekly in the Friday Night Announcements and are periodically invited to special social and educational events with other Pillars of the community.

Our Annual Chai Campaign Levels of Giving:

Visionaries: Cumulative donations for the fiscal year in excess of $50,000

Guardians: Cumulative donations for the fiscal year between $10,000 and $49,999

Benefactors: Cumulative donations for the fiscal year between $5,000 and $9,999

Patrons: Cumulative donations for the fiscal year between $2,500 and $4,999

Mentors: Cumulative donations for the fiscal year between $750 and $2,499

How it works:

To achieve Pillar level, a minimum $750 donation is required in the fiscal year. This is cumulative of unrestricted donations to the temple including activities and events throughout the year such as the Mishloach Manot gift bags and the Paint-A-Tile project. It also includes High Holy Day pledges and any tribute that is made to the Chai General fund, the Mortgage reduction fund or the new Property Reserve fund.

Pillar Qualifying Contributions:

*Chai Annual Funds (General Fund, Mortgage Reduction Fund, Eugene R. Marks Memorial Property Reserve Fund)

*Finestone Family Library Fund

*High Holy Day Annual Appeal

*Music and Choir Fund

*Prayer Book Fund

*Past Presidents' Educational Endowment Fund

*Religious School Scholarship Fund

*Yeladim Scholarship Fund (ECC)

*Youth Programming Fund

*High Holy Days Memorial (Yizkor) Book

*Memorial Plaques

*Tree of Life Leaves

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