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Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

We believe that together we will create a community that lives up to our name in every sense of the word. Join us!
- The Kadima Committee

TAE was founded in 1967 and we enjoy many great traditions. Moving those traditions forward for generations to come is the ultimate goal of the strategic planning process, and why we've named this effort Kadima (forward).

Translated from Hebrew, Adat Elohim means "Community of God". This means different things to different people. For some it is a place to come for a meaningful spiritual experience. For others it means being a center for life-long learning. Healing the world (Tikkun Olam) with other Reform Jews may embody a community of God to some, or it could simply be a place to form friendships for yourself and your children.

We are thankful to the Kadima committee for their guidance, but please recognize that YOU are the authors of this plan. All Temple members were invited to participate, and 400 people completed on-line surveys, providing more than 2,000 question responses. Over 150 people attended various focus groups or the Town Hall meeting, providing valuable opinions and dialogue on TAE's strengths, challenges and opportunities. This strategic plan embodies your collective vision and input for embracing and strengthening Temple Adat Elohim.

This plan will help us focus on those key initiatives and efforts that are needed to build TAE for the future. The document includes everything from the "big picture" strategies to six strategic areas to detailed action plans, complete with names, dates and clear expectations. We are excited about the goals and ideas you have put forth for enriching Jewish life-long learning, embracing and encouraging spiritual growth, and creating a joyful and fulfilling community where we come together to heal the world. We look forward to fulfilling these opportunities with financial health, effective communications and a high-functioning organizational infrastructure.

We believe that together we will create a community that lives up to our name in every sense of the word. Please join us! We encourage you to attend services, take a class, volunteer your time, contribute, or just reach out and make a friend. We invite you to participate in realizing the vision of being the progressive Reform Jewish center for lifelong learning, spiritual growth, and connection. Together we will move our rich traditions forward to form a place that is relevant for generations to come.

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