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Shabbat Services

Every Friday night at 7:30, we hold Shabbat services followed by an oneg (dessert reception). TAE’s Band of Milk & Honey, our Temple Choir, and our Youth Choir participate on a monthly basis. Some of our services focus especially on children or adults. However, all of our services are open to everyone who would like to join us for an enriching prayer experience. We use Mishkan T’filah, the Reform Movement’s prayerbook.

Shabbat at Temple Adat Elohim

Our congregation uses the, Mishkan T’filah. This text, provides a platform to create a unified prayer experience for our congregation and at the same time open doors for personal spiritual exploration.

Mishkan T’filah presents each prayer in Hebrew with an accompanying transliteration and faithful translation. Each prayer is then complimented with at least one creative reading based upon the meaning of the text. On the bottom portion of each page there are passages and notations to guide both the regular synagogue-goer and the first-timer. The editors of Mishkan T’filah continued the Reform Movement’s tradition of liturgical innovation, drawing from earlier prayer books and Reform ideology.

Shabbat Under the Stars
7:30 PM - Friday Evenings During the Summer Months

"Shabbat Under the Stars is a sensory experience; summer breezes and the scent of trees awakens a spiritual connection for me." Our summer services offer a nice change of pace and have become a favorite for many of our congregants. We have a beautiful courtyard that enables us to pray as the sun sets and the stars come out. The chairs are set in such a way that people are brought together. In recent years it has become customary for us to wear white, recreating the nostalgia many of us remember from summers away at camp!

Torah Service
7:30 PM - 1st Friday of the Month

This service includes a brief reading from the Torah, as well as a study and discussion of our sacred text.

First Shabbat: A Celebration for Young Children
6:15 PM - 1st Friday of the Month

For infants through first graders and their families. This fun 45-minute service is filled with songs and prayers that many of the children learn in our Early Childhood Center (ECC). This is a wonderful opportunity for young families to introduce children to Shabbat and to connect with other families. The service is followed by an oneg reception on the playground.

Congregational Service
7:30 PM - 2nd Friday of the Month

Our congregation is led by one of our Religious School classes or TAE community groups.

Family Service with Birthday Blessings
7:30 PM - 3rd Friday of the Month

For elementary school-age children and their parents with the participation of Shirei Elohim, our Junior Choir. Occasionally, we participate in Israeli dancing after the service.

Shabbat/Yom Tov Service
10 AM - Every Saturday and Holiday

We have a Shabbat service every Saturday morning and a special Yom Tov service on Jewish holidays. These meaningful services include a Torah reading and a sermon or Torah study. On most Saturday mornings, the service is led by a Bar or Bat Mitzvah. We encourage the entire community to join us at each of our morning services and celebrate Shabbat and holy days together.

Saturday Afternoon Shabbat Service
5:00 PM - Every Saturday

On many Saturdays our congregation conducts an afternoon service in which a student becomes Bar or Bat Mitzvah. This service is open to the entire community and is announced in our Bazman and in Friday night pulpit folders.

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