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Mishpaha (ECC Parents)
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Mishpaha - Support, Serve, and Socialize

MishpahaIn Hebrew, Mishpaha means “family.” The name is so fitting because it represents exactly who we are -- we are the families of Temple Adat Elohim’s Early Childhood Center (ECC), working and growing together to make our school the best it can possibly be. Our mission is three-fold: to support, to serve, and to socialize. We support the ECC and the Temple through our fundraising efforts and we serve the pre-school through our volunteer efforts. Mishpaha is also a social vehicle through which life-long friendships are formed. It is also often the first Temple experience that new young families have, so we act as a bridge to future Temple life.

Misphaha is comprised of parent volunteers and our main goal is to support the ECC by fundraising. The money Mishpaha raises has been used to renovate our ECC bathrooms and classrooms, provide each classroom with supplemental supplies, and to contribute to the Temple’s General Fund. Some of our fundraising programs include: EScrip, Restaurant Night Out, Jog-A-Thons, Bake Sales and an evening fundraiser. Our fundraising efforts are ongoing in order to improve and grow our pre-school.

We look forward to having you be a part of Mishpaha and supporting and growing our fantastic school. Volunteering will make a difference for our children and the ECC.

Vounteer Committees and Descriptions

The success of the Mishpaha and its activity committees greatly depend on our parent volunteers. A volunteer is anyone who wants to be a part of their children’s school experience. Following is a list of these committees with a brief description.
  • Room Parents - the liaison between the Mishpaha and the Preschool. This committee facilitates communications of all Preschool and classroom activities. This committee also oversees school wide events such as the Thanksgiving Celebration, Hannukah Party, Passover Seder and the Teacher Appreciation Week. Attendance at monthly Mishpaha meetings is very helpful.
  • Hospitality committee - organizes refreshments and food for select preschool day and evening events, such as Back-to-School Night, Open House, Passover Seder and Graduation. Committee connects with the Preschool community in acknowledging life cycle events that touch all of our lives, such as births, deaths, health issues and help to welcome new families to the preschool community.
  • Restaurant Night Out committee - plan, organize and implement three restaurant night out events for the pre-school community.
  • Newsletter committee - helps to format the monthly preschool newsletter that keeps parents updated on school and Temple news and happenings.
  • Social Action committee - plan, organize and implement events for the Preschool community that allow the children and their families the opportunity to participate with charitable causes throughout the community, such as Mitzvah day, holiday gift exchange for needy children, and food drive for food pantry.
  • Bake Sale committee - plan, organize and implement the monthly bake sale with all of the classrooms; involves coordinating effort with room parent(s).
  • Challah Sale committee - order and distribute weekly orders of Challah.
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