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High Holy Tickets For Additional Family Members
High Holy Tickets For Additional Family Members

The minimum donation is $100 per ticket for parents, adult children over 21 years of age (excluding full-time college students), grandparents, and grandchildren. Tickets will include names and will be checked at the door. Please include the names and relationships of those who will be using the tickets.  For "Qty" input how many tickets for additional family members. One ticket for each person.

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Immediate family includes adult children up to the age of twenty-one (or full-time college students). TICKETS ARE NOT ISSUED FOR CHILDREN IN THIRD GRADE AND BELOW. Childcare and Children's High Holiday experience is available.

Please do not call the temple office to verify that your request has been received. A receipt will be emailed to you when the transaction is complete. If you are unable to afford the donation of $100, please call the temple administrator at 805-497-7101.

Should you elect to become a Temple member this year, you will be credited for the above ticket cost for yourself, your spouse and your children who are under the age of 21 (or over 21, for full-time college students).

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