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The term Havurah is derived from the Hebrew word haver, which means friend. Havurah reflects a group of Jewish people brought together through the sharing of similar ideas and experiences. Havurah is about family, friends, having fun, and being connected within your Havurah, the Temple, and the Jewish community.

Each Havurah typically meets on a regular basis. Each group decides what kinds of activities are of interest to them. Official membership in a Havurah requires the prerequisite of current membership at Temple Adat Elohim.

The Advantage of a Havurah:

Getting to know people in a larger congregation can be intimidating to some. A Havurah is a terrific way to become acquainted with others who live near you, and have similar interests.

How to Join:

If you are interested in joining a Havurah, please fill out the application or contact one of our Havurah chairs. After returning the completed Havurah application, you will be "matched up" with others who have similar interests. The time it takes will depend on the number of applications received.

New groups are forming now!

We are looking for people for the following types of Havurahs: couples in their 60's & 70's, families with preschoolers, single seniors (men & women), singles in their 40's & 50's (men & women). If you are interested, please print a form by clicking “Sign Up” and sending it in to the temple office.

The Purpose of a Havurah is:

  • To experience the warmth of belonging to an extended family and to celebrate Jewish life within a large community.
  • To enable families to share ideas and experiences with other people who have different viewpoints.
  • To enjoy life!

Terms That May be Helpful:

  • Havurah - One fellowship group
  • Havurot - Many fellowship groups
  • Haver - A member of a Havurah
  • Haverim - More than one member

Each Havurah is independent and plans a variety of activities based on the mutual interests of its members. Being in a Havurah requires commitment, planning and participation.

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