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Brit Milah (Covenant of Circumcision)

A bris, or Brit Milah, is a way of initiating a Jewish male child into the Jewish community. The bris involves the surgical removal of the foreskin of the penis in a ritual context. It is mandated in the Torah that circumcision must take place on the eighth day after birth, even if it is the Sabbath or a Jewish holiday. The bris is symbolic of the covenant between God and the Jewish people. The bris typically happens in someone’s home, but may also be conducted at the synagogue. A certified mohel (pronounced moy-el) may conduct the entire ceremony or co-officiate with a rabbi.

Is there a ceremony for baby girls as well?

A Brit Bat is a female covenantal ceremony that is similar to a Brit Millah but involves no surgery. Traditionally, this naming ceremony takes place on the Sabbath after the birth or within the first thirty days. There is no mandatory time for naming a Jewish girl, although it is recommended that you do so as soon as possible after birth.
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