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We welcome all who are interested
in joining our community. We were
raised in different Jewish denominations
and we were raised without affiliation.

We were raised in other faith communities and we were raised without religious participation. We have chosen Judaism and
we have chosen Jewish loved ones. We are married, single and widowed; in interfaith and interracial relationships. We are all ages, abilities, and orientations.

We are together now in one congregation, one extended family. We offer support in times of need, joy in times of celebration, and at all times trust, friendship and community.

Thousand Oaks is Part of the Conejo Valley

“On a perfect and cool summer evening, an ocean breeze greets the worshiper at TAE’s Shabbat Under the Stars; a reminder of the presence of God in this beautiful community, surrounded by nature, praying with family and friends.” Find out more about the Conejo Valley. This place we call home!

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